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Originally from Wiltshire, Libby moved to London aged 17 to study an Art and Design foundation at London College of Fashion (UAL). During her time there she realised her love for Costume Design and after being selected by her peers, was invited to interview for the prestigious Costume Design degree course at Wimbledon College of Art, where she received an unconditional place. 


During her degree, Libby was given the creative freedom to nurture her vision, capability and style. She began freelancing for companies in costume whilst at university and since graduating in 2011, has climbed the ladder to become a Costume Designer. She truly understands and appreciates all aspects involved;  collaboration and understanding is vital in creating a successful end product; she is a true team player. 

Libby has been seduced by this fast paced, creative lifestyle involved in this line of work and is never afraid of a challenge. She is a storyteller and fantasist and through her costumes the characters are born. From contemporary through to period, Libby has worked with costumes that date back to 1744. 

Over the course of her career, Libby has had the pleasure of working for a diverse range of clients, creating unique and powerful designs for Television, Film, Music Video and Advertising. Whatever the brief or project, Libby will combine her passion, insight and years of industry experience to realise any vision with imagination and flair.

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